About us

  • We are local!
  • Local pick ups available!
  • We express ship same day!
  • Get stones on consignment
  • We stock over 2500 stones in AUS!
  • 30 day returns & 45 day exchanges
  • Generic site to show stones to customers

We are undisputedly the largest seller of lab grown diamonds in Australia. It is our goal to help YOU, our customers, achieve more sales! Since we are in business ourselves, we understand how crucial sales are to survival, like oxygen, and we want to help facilitate them. .

For your convenience, we have over 2500 diamonds on hand locally. We know how important it is to show customers and close the deal right there and then. No more making your customers wait!

As we all know, people want to view their purchases prior to making a decision. For that reason, we offer stones on consignment and flexible returns for your convenience.

Since we have such large purchasing power, we are able to buy directly from manufacturers and negotiate better prices. This allows us to import items in bulk and save massively on shipping, insurance, forex transfers, and customs fees and pass those savings onto you. You don't have to go buying stones from random suppliers spread around the globe, wasting valuable time and money, when you can browse a massive selection of diamonds from a central place and enjoy the discounts we negotiated. The diamond database has close-up photos or videos of the stones so that you can inspect them prior to purchasing and, most importantly, you will be given our generic site allowing you to show customers all the diamonds without any branding or pricing.

Over 20 years experience in the diamond industry. Qualified gemmologists are here to help with all your diamond needs. Our staff will be able to educate you on Lab Grown diamonds so you can pass that knowledge on to your customers.

Great Customer Service & support. Our office staff are available 9.30am to 5.30pm 5 days a week. Our email response time is very quick.

We sell IGI & GIA certified diamonds, all laser inscribed with certificate number, from 0.30ct up to 5.00ct and also sell calibrated small diamonds from 1.0mm to 4.5mm

30 day full refund / 45 day exchange.If you find that particular stones are not selling, you may exchange it for other stones. We also offer full refunds.

Our office is located in Melbourne and you are welcome to come and visit us and view our stock.

Overnight shipping to most cities in Australia. We send out our stones via overnight delivery with full insurance.

1000s of stones to choose from. Our database has all your diamond needs. If there is a particular stone you are after that is not listed, please let us know and we will try and track one down for you.

Price Beat guarantee. Our price beat guarantee is for comparison with Australian sellers and must be comparable stock and available to purchase.